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Systems Change

What work does the CJA do on systemic issues?

The CJA works towards long-lasting, systemic change in the criminal justice system.  

Systems change is an emerging concept which can be defined as working to create lasting change by altering underlying structures and supporting mechanisms which make the system operate in a particular way (Foster-Fishman, 2002). These structures and mechanisms can include policies, routines, relationships, resources, power structures and values. Find out more about systems change in this helpful guide from NPC 

Achieving systemic change in criminal justice isn’t easy, but with our members’ wide-ranging expertise, we aim to understand and tackle the deep-rooted inequalities and power imbalances built into the criminal justice system and wider society. We utilise advocacy and influencing tools and techniques to change cultures, attitudes, power structures and policies; to create the right environment and opportunities for lasting change.